7L & Esoteric – “Moment of Rarities” review

Released a year after their 3rd album DC2: Bars of Death & a year before their 4th album A New Dope, Boston underground hip hop duo 7L & Esoteric decided to give us fans an unreleased material compilation album that is somewhat in the same vein as fellow AotP/DGZ member Apathy’s It’s the Bootleg, Muthafuckas! series of compilation albums. And as it may sound interesting, this is just an average compilation with some good moments on here. Like on the track Boxcutter Rap, where everything is flawless from the hard hitting beat to the rhyme scheme-a-palooza verses. Not only is this the best track off the entire compilation, but it’s one of my favorite 7LES tracks period. Another highlight on here is the horrorcore-tinged Culture of Death featuring former Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs member Jus Allah. It’s an eerie track, but my only complaint on here is that Eso’s vocals on here sound awful (no pun intended. If you’re a 7LES fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Despite these highlights, you can tell these tracks are dated like on Face Defeat. While you do have a solid beat, the rhymes are basically an extended remix of The Way Out (the final track off of the duo’s 2nd album/magnum opus Dangerous Connection). I mean it’s nice, but it doesn’t sound as triumphant as The Way Out is. Overall, this compilation as a whole isn’t among the duo’s best work but you will get some shining moments. If you want to get into these guys, I wouldn’t say that this is where to start but it sure is a treat for the fans

Score: 3/5

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