A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Marauders” review

2 years after breaking the sophomore jinx with The Low End Theory, Native Tongues subgroup A Tribe Called Quest is returning with their 3rd full-length album on the very same day as the Wu-Tang Clan came onto the scene with Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The first song “Steve Birko (Stir It Up)” starts off with some jazzy horns but then we get Phife Dawg & Q-Tip showcasing their chemistry together over a funky beat. The track “Award Tour” is basically the group reflecting on their success over a beat that takes 5 different samples to create a perfectly jazzy beat. The track “We Can Get Down” sees the group getting playfully braggadocious over a smooth beat. The track “Electric Relaxation” has a beautiful sample of my favorite Ronnie Foster song “Mystic Brew” & it lyrically sees the members trying to get freaky with their ladies. The track “Clap Your Hands” sees the group talking about their music over a beautifully smooth beat while “Lyrics to Go” is basically bragging about their lyrical skills over a beat that I think would HEAVILY influence the late J Dilla. The album closes out with “God Lives Through”, where we get a clever sample of one of the previous tracks “Oh My God” for the hook & the group discussed spirituality as well as shouting out their hometown Queens. Although the lyrics on here are more urban than their last 2 albums, I think the group delivered another masterpiece to our ears with this one

Score: 5/5

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