Cappadonna – “The Pillage review”

After appearing on classics such as Ironman & Wu-Tang Forever, the Wu-Tang Clan’s 10th member Cappadonna finally gets his chance to shine on his own with a solo debut. Tracks like the opener Slang Editorial, Run, Supa Ninjaz, M.C.F. (Money Comes First), Milk the Cow, South of the Border & Young Hearts have beats with the vintage Wu-sound written all over them & Cappa sounds as ambitious & focused as ever on most of the tracks on here. He’s not the greatest lyricist from the Clan either but Slang Editorial & Milk the Cow as previously mentioned or even the jazzy Check for a Nigga showcase his penmanship & his ability to stand on his own for an entire record. And although I wouldn’t really care as much for most of the solo albums Cappa would release later on in his career, this is a hidden gem that unfortunately gets overshadowed when talking about Wu-Tang solo albums. I truly hope one day he’ll get the right production choices & the right guests on his next solo album but for now, this is his stand-alone piece that holds up as well as the other Wu-Tang releases (group-wise AND solo-wise) around this time period

Score: 4.5/5

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