D12 – “D12 World” review


A lot has happened in the 3 years since the release of their successful debut Devil’s Night but now, Detroit hip hop sextet D12 is finally returning with their sophomore album.

Things start off with “Git Up”, where Eminem links up with Kuniva & Swifty McVay to get confrontational about their return over a punchy beat. The next song “Loyalty” sees everyone sans Em linking up with Obie Trice to talk about just that over an abrasive beat while the track “Just Like U” is a filthy Bizarre solo cut over a somber Hi-Tek beat. The song “I’ll Be Damned” sees everyone sans Proof & Em talking about 1-night stands over a smooth yet funky beat from mR. pOrTeR & after the Dude skit, we go into the song “My Band”. Here, all 6 members unite to parody the concept of Eminem being “the lead singer” of the “band”. The track “U R the One” sees everyone minus Em getting sexual over another funky beat. The song “6 in the Morning” sees everyone sans Proof & Bizarre dissing Benzino over a punchy beat while the track “How Come” addresses the strain between Em & the other members over a gritty beat. The song “Leave Dat Boy Alone” is essentially Swift & Da Brigade telling you not to fuck with them over some drums & a vibraphone while the song “Get My Gun” sees all 6 members making a sequel to “Pistol Pistol” that’s almost as great as the original.

After the Bizarre skit, we go into the song “Bitch”. Here, all 6 members mocking dumb women over a decent beat. After the “Steve’s Coffee House” skit, we go into the title track. Here, everyone sans Em goes back & forth about their universe over a soulful instrumental from none other than Kanye West. The song “40 Oz.” is a rowdy club banger with a chaotic beat & after the Commercial Break showcasing Young Z, we go into the track “American Psycho II”. Here, everyone minus Proof & mR. pOrTeR deliver a gritty sequel to the classic tune off of Devil’s Night over a Dr. Dre instrumental with a prominent guitar riff throughout. After a decent remix of Bugz’ verse off of “Desperados”, the closer “Good Die Young” is essentially everyone minus Eminem paying tribute to Bugz in a heartfelt manner over some gloomy guitar licking.

Honestly, I don’t think this is as bad as some make it out to be. There are a couple obnoxious songs & the production is a bit cleaner than their debut, but it sounds just as passionate & the chemistry is still there. It just sucks that this is the last album we’ll ever get from them. Big Proof Forever.

Score: 4/5

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