D12 – “Devil’s Night” review


D12 is a hip hop sextet from Detroit Michigan consisting of Eminem, Proof, Swifty McVay, Bizarre & Da Brigade (mR. pOrTeR & Kuniva). They first came onto the scene in 1997 with The Underground EP, but then Eminem left the following year after he signed to Aftermath Entertainment. He eventually rejoined just 3 months after the release of his sophomore album The Slim Shady LP in light of original member Bugz being murdered & the group became the very 1st act to be signed to Em’s then-newly founded Interscope Records imprint Shady Records. Fast forward 2 years later, Em is now helping them get in front of the spotlight with their full-length debut.

After the “Another Public Service Announcement” skit, we go into the first song “Shit Can Happen”. Here, Em links up with Da Brigade & Swift getting in your face over a quirky yet funky beat. The track “Pistol Pistol” sees everyone sans Em spitting gun talk over a punchy beat & after the Bizarre skit, we go into the song “Nasty Mind”. Here, Bizarre gets with Da Brigade & Swift getting raunchy over a mellow Dr. Dre instrumental. The track “Ain’t Nuttin’ But Music” sees all 6 members humorously brushing off the people who say their music is damaging the youth over a Dre beat with a much more playful vibe to it while “American Psycho” sees Em, Bizarre & mR. pOrTeR talking about insanity over an eerie beat. After the “That’s How” skit, the actual “That’s How…” song sees Da Brigade going back & forth with Proof & Swift explaining how they can fuck you up over some punchy drums & a bass-line.

The track “Purple Pills” is a classic tribute to every drug known to man while the song “Fight Music” perfectly lives up to it’s title as the sextet talks about violence over a Dr. Dre beat that suits the tone perfectly. The track “Instigator” sees everyone sans Em & Bizarre describing themselves as just that over some sinister keyboards while the song “Pimp Like Me” is essentially everyone minus Em talking pimp shit over a smooth beat. The track “Blow My Buzz” sees all 6 members talking about people ruining their high over a funky bass-line with handclaps & after showcasing Obie Trice on the Obie Trice skit, we go into the title track. Here, everyone sans Proof talks about the titular Detroit tradition over an ominous orchestral instrumental. After the Steve Berman skit, we go into the penultimate track. Here, all 6 members talk about not needing school over a sinister Dre beat. The album then finishes with the Eminem solo cut “Girls”, which is a grim diss towards Limp Bizkit over a somber piano & drums.

Overall, this is easily the group’s best album. Obviously Em & Proof are the most lyrically talented of the 6, but they all sound fully formed with perfect production backing them up.

Score: 4.5/5

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