Death – “Symbolic” review

Although they’ve always had one of the most consistent discographies in all of metal, Orlando death metal band Death shows us how death metal should be played with their 6th full-length album over here. I mean they’ve dropped death metal classics before such as their first 2 albums Screaming Bloody Gore & Leprosy but this is them at their most focused, technical, progressive & fully realized hour. The guitar riffs are immensely catchy, the drumming is their punchiest, Chuck Schuldiner’s vocals are noticeably less guttural than they were on the band’s previous albums but they’re still being aggressively delivered & the songwriting is their most intriguing like with the title track, 0 Tolerance & Empty Words for examples. In my eyes, this is a truly flawless death metal masterpiece as well as the main reason why I consider Death to be the greatest death metal band of all-time

Score: 5/5

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