DJ Quik – “Quik’s the Name” review

With those such as Ice-T & N.W.A dominating the West Coast scene at the time, Compton MC/producer DJ Quik might sound like yet another stereotypical West Coast gangsta rapper. However, Quik possesses a smooth delivery & a laid-back flow which is refreshing because we’re used to hearing N.W.A or Compton’s Most Wanted delivering their verses aggressively. A lot of people have compared Quik to Dr. Dre but as spitters, Quik easily takes the cake & I’m not just saying that because Quik actually writes his own shit. Quik’s production on here is just as equally funky as Dre’s though like on the ambitious Born & Raised in Compton which features a really smooth sample of Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic by Isaac Hayes or 8 Ball which actually features a sample of the Eazy-E track with the same name along with a sample of Chameleon by Herbie Hancock. Let’s not forget about the funkily synthesized Tonite either. I originally didn’t like the reggae-tinged Tha Bombudd, but it clicked after I think the 3rd listen. I mean the execution of it was WAY better than how the track Exodus off the BlaQKout album was. Quik was only my age when recording this album & he sounds like a hungry kid trying to get out of the ghetto as evident on Born & Raised in Compton. Luckily, he would completely progress as an artist with future albums such as Rhythm-al-ism and Balance & Options

Score: 5/5

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