Esham – “KKKill the Fetus” review

Released just a year after his double disc sophomore album Judgement Day, Detroit acid rap originator Esham is back with a new album under his own label Reel Life Productions. Unlike his last album which had 15 tracks on both discs, this is just a 23 track disc but he totally makes it work. The album really starts off with the track “Symptoms of Insanity”, where Esham talking about how insane he is & the guitar sample throughout give the track a nice dark atmosphere. The track “Game of Death” is the only track on the album to be performed by Esham’s group Natas & it’s about them doing some serial killer shit. The sex track “Hot Booty” has some pretty funky samples throughout & the lyrics are hilariously raunchy. The title track is about convincing hookers to get abortions & the “Maggot Brain” sample throughout this thing is pure genius to me. The track “Sunshine” has a perfect sample of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Roy Ayers throughout & it’s Esham reflecting on his own life in the ghetto. The track “666” is a rap metal track & his rhyme schemes throughout (especially the 1st verse) are INSANE (no pun intended)! Overall, this album is Esham as a fully developed artist. Not only is there little to no filler throughout the 23 tracks but his production, rhymes, delivery & flow have all improved MAJORILY since his debut Boomin’ Words from Hell just 3 years prior. This is hands down Esham’s best work as well as a horrorcore classic

Score: 4.5/5

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