Flatlinerz – “U.S.A. (Under Satan’s Authority)” review

The Flatlinerz are a Brooklyn hardcore hip hop trio composed of Redrum, Gravedigger & Tempest and this is their only full-length album to date as well as their only release under Def Jam Recordings (which was co-founded by Russell Simmons who actually happens to be Redrum’s uncle). Just imagine a Satanic mix of Onyx & Das EFX. Examples of this mix include “Flatliner”, “Sonic Boom”, “Takin’ ‘Em Underground”, “Rivaz of Red”, the self-explanatory 2nd single for the album “Satanic Verses” & the album’s final single “Live Evil”. Although some understandably knock on this album for being “generic”, I still think the group should still be acknowledged for popularizing the entire horrorcore subgenre along with the the Gravediggaz. It should also be noted that Rockwilder (who would later go on to produce the classic Method Man & Redman track “Da Rockwilder”) made his recording debut on here by producing roughly half the tracks & he even spits the last verse on the track “Graveyard Nightmare”. That’s pretty cool if you ask me

Score: 3.5/5

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