Gang Starr – “Moment of Truth”

After 4 years of inactivity following the release of their classic 4th album Hard to Earn in 1994, renown Brooklyn-based hip hop duo Gang Starr really made a comeback with their 5th full-length album Moment of Truth. They already had one of the most consistent discographies in all of hip hop at the time & they still do to this very day, but what makes this their best work as well as one of my favorite albums ever made is that this is Gang Starr fully formed. As stated at the very beginning of the opening track You Know My Steez, Guru & Premier truly updated their styles on here & they did it perfectly by giving us the most rugged beats & wisest rhymes the 2 have EVER laid on wax. The guest appearances don’t disappoint either except on The Mall, which is actually the only song on here I could do without. It just seems very filtered to me but other that, this is a raw perfectly crafted masterpiece that you need to hear.

Score: 5/5

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