Ghostface Killah – “Ironman” review

A year after appearing on 12 of the 17 tracks off of fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon’s solo debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, Ghostface Killah starts his solo career off with a masterpiece. Similar to OB4CL, Raekwon is returning the favor by appearing on 12 of the 17 tracks & RZA produced every single one of them with the exception of Wu-Elements member True Master producing Fish. However, it’s not the exact same thing as OB4CL at all. I mean we’re still getting some hardcore street rhymes & almost every single member on almost every track, but the production features some samples from blaxploitation films as well as a bunch of soul samples. There are even appearances from The Delfonics & the Force MD’s on here. They’re incorporated really well though, like on Wildflower where Ghost solely showcases his vividly painted storytelling abilities. He also does the same on Motherless Child & the very emotional All That I Got is You. I say it’s emotional because the whole song was executed beautifully. Even some of the guest appearances stand out like on Assassination Day (although I sometimes wonder if it would’ve been better if Ghost appeared on it) as well as Cappadonna’s long but mindblowing closing verse on Winter Warz. And like how Ghost got a solo track on OB4CL, Rae gets his own solo track on here with The Faster Blade & it totally fits in with the whole album. To me this is one of the best albums of ’96 & while I’ve heard some say this was the last classic solo album from the group to come out in the 90’s, I STRONGLY disagree. His next masterpiece entitled Supreme Clientele would come 4 years later & the title of it was actually inspired by a line on one of the last tracks on this album called After the Smoke’s Clear

Score: 5/5

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