Inspectah Deck – “The Movement” review

After delivering an underrated classic with Uncontrolled Substance just 4 years under Loud Records, the Inspectah Deck of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan is now finally reemerging with his sophomore effort with the help of Koch Records (now known as E1 Music) & he has enlisted both former U.M.C. member Fantom of the Beat as well as the ever so underrated Ayatollah to primarily produce it (both of whom produce 7 tracks each). The track “Who Got It” has a soulful beat from the Arabian Knight & Deck’s basically much bragging about his lyrical abilities on here. The track “It’s Like That” has some ruckus inducing horns & Deck’s delivery on here is just explosive! The track “Framed” sees him teaming up with former Juice Crew member Koop G Rap & Killarmy member Kin Sin to talk about being framed for shit they didn’t even do. All 3 MCs lay out their individual stories really well & the beat’s pretty hard too. The track “Bumpin’ & Grindin'” is a sex track if you couldn’t tell by it’s title & the production on this track doesn’t go all that well with the content, in my opinion. As Deck states at the beginning of the track “The Stereotype”, he gives us some “blaxploitation shit” on here & he certainly lives up to it in every aspect. I wouldn’t say it’s a sophomore slump overall, but I think I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if there were a lot more producers & just a few more guest MCs involved

Score: 3/5

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