Inspectah Deck – “The Resident Patient” review

Just 3 short years after his sophomore album The Movement, the Inspectah Deck of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan is now dropping his very 1st mixtape under his newly founded label Urban Iron Records. On the track “Get Ya Weight Up”, Deck’s sending a message to all of those who wanna ride with him & his group & while the beat he provides on this song is solid, it’s also far from being one of the best beats he’s ever made. On the track “My Style”, Deck is bragging about his skills & his production on here is a lot more blood-pumping than his beat on the previously mentioned track. On the track “A Lil’ Story”, Deck is telling us about how he’s making heads spin again & Cilvaringz’ production on this song sounds like a vintage RZA beat (so much, that people actually thought RZA produced this song. Especially with the fact that Deck shouts him out right before he starts spitting). On the track “Get Down Wit Me”, Deck is telling us how unfuckwittable he is & the beat from the late Kevlaar 7 of the Wisemen has some dope horns throughout. I also really like how the track starts off with a sample of the intro from the classic Gang Starr track “Peace of Mine” off the duo’s 6th & final album “The Ownerz”. The track “Do My Thang” has a surprisingly electro-tinged beat from Psycho Les of The Beanuts & while it’s just ok, Deck’s bars about being the block king do make up for it. As a full mixtape, I’d prefer it over The Movement. However, my biggest issue with this tape is the production choices on most of these tracks. I feel like if the Wu-Elements had more involvement with the production on here, I’d probably enjoy it a lot more

Score: 3.5/5

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