King Gordy – “The Entity” review

King Gordy is a Detroit horrorcore artist & this is his full-length debut given to us with the help of Web Entertainment, it’s founders the Bass Brothers who produce about half the album & even Eminem who co-produces 3 tracks with the Bass Brothers. The album starts off with the track “Nightmares”, which features a menacing down-tuned guitar loop & Gordy threateningly delivering rhymes about coming in your dreams & fucking you up. He renditions the 1st verse of “Notorious Thugs” by Biggie throughout the 2nd verse & it was actually pretty cool. The track “Fight” basically speaks for itself because Gordy’s talking about scufflin’ & he literally sounds like he’s ready to fight in his delivery. The track “Situations” sees Obie Trice wanting Gordy to talk about some hood shit & he does it so vividly & abrasively. On the track “When Darkness Falls”, Gordy singing in the melody of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor about impending doom & I find his singing on this song to be over the top. The track “Time to Die” sees Gordy contemplating suicide & there’s a random verse from Gordy’s Davidians cohort/D12 member Bizarre at the very end. The album closes out with the 45 King produced “Nobody Hates Nothin'”, where Gordy talks about being hated & you can hear the depression in his voice as he delivers the rhymes on here. I personally think Gordy solidifies himself as one of horrorcore’s greatest artists with this debut & he would actually go on to title his sophomore album “King of Horrorcore”

Score: 4.5/5

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