King T – “Act a Fool” review

Just 3 months after N.W.A began dominating the West Coast with their debut Straight Outta Compton & just a week before one of it’s members Eazy-E released his solo debut Eazy-Duz-It, Compton MC King T teams up with DJ Pooh to give us his full-length debut. Aside from the guest verses from Mixmaster Spade & Breeze on the track “Just Clownin'”, King Tila pretty much holds the entire album to himself & he does it flawlessly with tracks such as the title track, the charismatic “The Coolest”, the perfectly titled “Bass” which is just GREAT to play at parties, the funky “Let’s Dance” & the confrontational “Payback’s a Mutha”. When talking about classic West Coast hip hop albums, I feel like this one ALWAYS gets left out which is a shame chemistry between T’s delivery & flow that would actually HEAVILY influence Biggie as well as DJ Pooh’s vintage production throughout fits like a glove. If you’re that type of guy who always rambles about how much you love West Coast hip hop & you’ve never heard of this album before, you are seriously doing a disservice to yourselfScore: 5/5

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