Metallica – “Death Magnetic” review

Released 5 years after their God awful 8th album St. Anger, iconic thrash metal band Metallica team up with the one & only Rick Rubin to make what I can honestly say is the band’s most consistent album since their self-titled album back in 1991. They’re going right back to their thrash metal roots on here & it’s like the band is trying to tell us they’re sincerely sorry for their previous 3 albums combined. Like the whole album is their most intense piece of work in a very long time, especially with the riffs as well as James Hetfield’s songwriting/vocals. Examples include the opening track That Was Just Your Life, The Day That Never Comes, the perfectly titled All Nightmare Long which is actually my favorite track on the whole album, The Unforgiven III & the closer My Apocalypse. A lot of people complain about the song lengths but the way I see it, that’s kinda how it was on their classic 1988 album …& Justice for All. However, my only real issue with this album is that Rick Rubin compressed it so much it’s not even funny. I mean he’s done it before the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic 7th album Californication back in 1999 but it didn’t really bother me as much as it did on this album over here considering that Metallica’s music is WAY heavier than RHCP’s. Other than that, I personally consider this album to be a fantastic return to form for the band

Score: 4/5

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