Method Man & Redman – “Blackout! 2” review

A decade has passed since Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man and Def Squad member Redman dropped their classic debut Blackout! & now here they are returning with a follow up. Honestly, I didn’t know how they were gonna follow their last album up but they came through with another dope album. Some of my favorite tracks on here include the aggressive Havoc produced I’m Dope Nigga”, the triumphant Pete Rock produced lead single “A-Yo”, the Erick Sermon produced “Dangerous MCs” which is just raw in every aspect, the smoothly Buckwild produced “Mrs. International” & the DJ Scratch produced “Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers” which has a nice violin sample throughout. Although the chemistry between Meth & Red is still strong to this very day, the production on a few tracks could’ve been better. Namely on the track “How ‘Bout Dat”, which sounds like generic to me. The use of Auto-Tune every now & then bothered me too, considering that it doesn’t fit Meth or Red’s hardcore styles. However, aside from these 2 complaints I still find this to be an enjoyable follow-up

Score: 4/5

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