Method Man – “Tical 0: The Prequel” review

6 years have passed since Method Man of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan dropped his very dope sophomore effort Tical 2000: Judgement Day, but now he’s teaming up with Bad Boy Records founder Puff Daddy to make his “comeback”. Yes, I have quotation makes around the word comeback & I’ll explain why in just a minute. There are some dope cuts like the Busta Rhymes featured “What’s Happenin’?”, the Raekwon featured “The Turn” (which is the only track on the album to be produced by the Clan’s de facto leader RZA), the Rockwilder produced “Act Right” & the Ghostface featured “Afterparty” but there were a lot of negatives. The main one being that the more commercial sound throughout isn’t the Meth we all know & love. Take the track “Tease” for example; the production is nice but the lyrics are shit. Or with track “The Motto”, which not only has Nashiem Myrick of The Hitmen behind the boards but the 2nd verse starts off with one of my least favorite Meth lines: “Ya’ll tryin’ to get me started. Who on the short yellow bus tryin’ to get retarded?” Come on, dude. Coming from a huge Wu fan, this shit is pretty disappointing. It’s like Meth put this album out just to get some commercial success. Especially with Puff overseeing it. Luckily, he would come back stronger 2 years later with his 4th full-length solo album 4:21…The Day After

Score: 2/5

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