Method Man – “Tical 2000: Judgement Day” review

Released 4 years after his classic solo debut Tical, Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man is finally back with his sophomore effort. Unlike last time, the Wu’s de facto leader RZA only produces 4 tracks on here. The rest of the production is handled by those such as True Master, 4th Disciple of Killarmy, fellow Wu member Inspectah Deck, Erick Sermon of EPMD & Havoc of Mobb Deep. Also unlike last time, this album has a concept throughout & that concept is about all of the Y2K theories that were going around during that time period. It does result in SEVERAL bangers such as “Shaolin What”, “Torture”, “Retro Godfather”, the eerie posse cut “Spazzola” & the Redman featured “Big Dogs”. However, my biggest issue with this album is the fact that there are WAY too many skits on here. To the point where it’s not even funny either. I really feel like this probably would’ve been a classic if about half the skits were removed from the track listing but regardless of that, I still consider this to be my 2nd favorite solo album from Meth (with #1 being Tical)

Score: 4/5

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