Method Man – “Tical” review

A year has passed since the almighty Wu-Tang Clan released their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) under Loud Records & while the only 2 solo releases prior to that were GZA’s debut album Words from the Genius & RZA’s 1st EP Ooh I Love You Rakeem under Cold Chillin’ Records & Tommy Boy Entertainment respectively, the Method Man is the very 1st swordsman to get a solo effort after the release of the Clan’s debut & he has enlisted the help of the RZA to produce it in it’s entirety as well as Def Jam Recordings to distribute it. The album kicks off with the title track, which start with a Kung Fu film sample & Meth giving us a proper introduction of what to expect on the album over a truly sinister beat. The track Bring of Pain has a nice Jerry Butler sample & lyrically, it’s a great example of hardcore hip hop. The track All I Need is a smoothly delivered sincere love song, but the Razor Sharp Mix with Mary J. Blige that came out a few months after this album’s release is so much better & it’s often considered to be the greatest hip hop love song of all-time. The track Meth vs. Chef sees Meth in a rap battle with fellow Wu-Tang member Raekwon & if I had to choose a winner of the battle, I’d say Rae because I truly believe Rae’s at his angriest on this track. I mean Meth sounds frustrated too, but Rae sounds like he’s channeling every single bit of anger he has in him in his delivery. The track Release Yo ‘Delf has some triumphant horns throughout as well as a nice interpolation of the classic Gloria Gaynor track I Will Survive from Blue Raspberry on the hook. The first verse on this track is so unusually structured, but it’s so entertaining at the same time & there’s actually a line near the end of the 2nd verse on the purely evil sounding Sub Crazy that’s kinda similar. As a full album, RZA’s grimy production suits Meth’s voice/deliveries/flows perfectly & it was a fantastic way to kick off what a lot of people call “the classic Wu-Tang solo album era” as well as the solo career of one of the Clan’s most notable members

Score: 4.5/5

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