Necro – “The Sexorcist” review

A year after his death metal/hip hop fused magnum opus The Pre-Fix for Death, Brooklyn MC/producer Necro is kinda switching things up for his 4th full-length album over here. We’re still getting live instrumentation from the man like his previous album but if you can’t already guess by the title, this album over here lyrically focuses on sex rather than the violent lyrics Necro is known for. He’s made songs about sex before on his previous albums, but this is an entire album about it. I do enjoy some of Necro’s sex songs, but a lot of times they’re too detailed if that makes any sense. There are some tracks on here that I enjoy like the opener Who’s Ya Daddy? which features a sample of “Time of the Season” by The Zombies & the way Necro incorporates it into the song is SO much better than how Black Hippy & Eminem sampled it later on in “Rolling Stone” & “Rhyme or Reason” respectively. On the track Whore, there’s a line dissing Michael Jackson at the end of the 2nd verse that I find to be EXTREMELY funny even though I still enjoy Michael’s music. I also really like the track Horny Honeys with former Non Phixion member Goretex because the beat on there is brutal! Like I can imagine hearing it in a montage of a boxer training for his big fight. I like most of the production on here but lyrically, it’s mostly not my cup of tea

Score: 2.5/5

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