Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Osirus” review

Almost 2 months after his unfortunate death, we’re now getting a posthumous mixtape from the Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan. The tape kicks off with “Pop Shots”, where Dirt’s talking street shit as well as fake MCs over a hard ass beat from DJ Premier beat. The song “Who Can Make It Happen Like Dirt?” talks about Dirt’s uniqueness & the beat from K-Def has this funky ass J.J. Johnson sample throughout. The song “Stand Up” has solid verses from Dirt & fellow Wu member Cappadonna, but the club beat is pretty generic. The song “Pussy Keep Calling” has a smooth beat & as the title suggests, the song talks about sex & the way he does it is hilarious as ever. While the overall message on “Fuck Y’all” is on point, my only issue with this track is the fact that the beat sounds like a modern version of the production on the song “Criminal Minded” by Boogie Down Productions. As much as I love the Wu, I’d say this tape was just slightly above average. Production on some songs could’ve been much better & the last 2 songs at the end didn’t really need to be on here

Score: 3/5

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