Pharrell – “In My Mind” review

A lot of people sleep on this album for some reason. Both the production (provided solely by Pharrell himself) & the singing are beautiful and the rapping is good too. Even though he said a couple years ago that all of the songs on here were “written out of ego”, there are some songs on here that actually weren’t. On the track Best Friend, he describes things like losing his grandmother & meeting his future longtime production partner Chad Hugo. On the track You Can Do It Too, he pretty much tells the listener that he/she can achieve whatever by putting your mind to it. On the track Our Father, he thanks God for pretty much everything in his life. However, the only track I can do without is Can I Have It Like That? because the verses are a little lazy but the beat is nice (especially at the beginning of the song). Overrall, this is his best solo effort & you shouldn’t be sleeping on this

Score: 4.5/5

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