RZA – “Birth of a Prince” review

After releasing a 3-track EP under his original moniker Prince Rakeem as well as 2 full-length albums under his alter ego Bobby Digital, the almighty Wu-Tang Clan’s de facto leader RZA is going under his own name for his 3rd full-length solo album although he’s still referring to himself as Bobby in his rhymes. And it’s not bad at all, but I don’t find it to be as consistent as his last 3 solo outings are. There are definitely dope tracks such as the sinisterly executed Ghostface Killah featured “Fast Cars”, the knowledgable Bronze Nazareth produced “A Day to God is 1,000 Years” which has a nice flute sample throughout & the sincere closer “See the Joy” but there are some that I can do without. The track “We Pop” has a decent beat, but I just don’t think RZA sounds right over that type of production & the 2 verses that the CCF Division bring to the table are absolutely atrocious. Also, the verses on the track “Chi Kung” aren’t bad however the production brings it down because I find the beat on here to be boring. This is still a solid album overall, but I just think it didn’t hold up well as his last 3 solo efforts did

Score: 3/5

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