RZA – “Bobby Digital in Stereo” review

Although he dropped a 3-track EP under Tommy Boy back in the Early 90’s, the mastermind behind the greatest hip hop group of all-time finally comes through with his 1st full-length. The album is almost entirely self-produced but if you’re expecting to hear that signature grimy Wu sound in his production, you’re gonna be disappointed. There are samples, but The Abbot uses a largely keyboard-driven sound for this album. As for the rhymes, he’s rhyming in the perspective of his alter-ego Bobby Digital. The track B.O.B.B.Y. is just an epic orchestral introduction of this character. The track Airwaves is a short extended version of his verse on The Anthem (off of Sway & King Tech’s 2nd album This or That), which is nice but it seems out of place to me. King Tech actually produces the next track Love Jones, where Bobby gives us a solid reimagining of the Brighter Side of Darkness track of the same name. On the track N.Y.C. Everything, Bobby is accompanied by fellow Wu-Tang member Method Man & Meth actually outshines Bobby on his own shit because he literally gives us one of his best verses ever on this track. The track Handwriting on the Wall is mostly the very underrated Ras Kass over some pretty bone-chilling keys. The lines Bobby spits during the last 30 seconds are pretty solid too (there’s even a line in his verse about “bustin’ in a bitches mouth to make her teeth seem whiter”. Some people might not like that line, but it gets a couple chuckles from me). The track Kiss of a Black Widow features Bobby & the Ol’ Dirty Bastard talking about bitches over a beat from Inspectah Deck that heavily samples Over by Portishead. My Lovin’ is Digi is a sex tune with a seat-leaning orchestral beat & Domestic Violence brings us into an argument Bobby’s getting into with presumably the same girl as the previous track. However, the overall sadly played keys bring the negative mood vibe of this track out. And don’t get me wrong I DO NOT condone any form of domestic violence whatsoever, however I will say that there are some humorous lines on this track such as “the shit echos cause your pussy’s so hollow”. Islord & 9th Prince of the Killarmy accompany Bobby on the track Fuck What You Think which basically speaks for itself. The album closes out with Daily Routine where he & Kinetic 9 get into a scientifical vibe but it’s always interesting. Overall this was a successful change of pace for The Abbot & even though there are a small handful of tracks on here I can do without, this truly is an underrated gem from the Wu-Tang camp

Score: 4/5

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