RZA – “Digi Snax” review

After releasing his 3rd solo album under his own name back in 2003, the almighty Wu-Tang Clan’s de facto leader RZA is returning to finish the trilogy revolving around his alter ego Bobby Digital & it’s a pretty disappointing conclusion. There are some great tracks on here such as the Inspectah Deck featured “You Can’t Stop Me Now” (which is not only an outtake from the Clan’s then-latest group album 8 Diagrams but it’s also the only track on the entire album to feature another Wu member), “Booby Trap” even though the hook is completely fucking stupid, the 6 minute “Up Again” which showcases RZA’s AcHoZeN side project, the closer “O Day” & even the 2 iTunes bonus tracks “Don’t Be Afraid” & “The Wolf” are pretty interesting as well. However, my biggest issue with this album is that the guest appearances are not only boring for the most part but they’re cluttered onto almost every single track. Not only that, but most the production isn’t the most memorable from The Abbot. Overall, I find this final installment of the Bobby Digital trilogy to be just ok

Score: 2.5/5

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