ScHoolboy Q – “Blank Face LP” review

As you may already know by now, Top Dawg Entertainment is one of tHe Hottest record labels of tHis current decade. THey’ve given us incredible releases over tHe past few years like cilvia demo, Z, Control System, 90059, & wHo could forget To Pimp a Butterfly? And tHe 4tH full-lengtH album (but tHe 2nd commercial release) from ScHoolboy Q over Here is no exception.

On tHe track Lord Have Mercy, Q ponders if God will ever forgive Him for His criminal past over an instrumental I can imagine Hearing wHile walking into a cHurcH. To me, Q brings out His maturity as sincerely as possible on tHis track. AltHougH I like tHe beat & tHe California lifestyle vibe of THat Part, my only issue witH tHis track is tHat tHe song’s producer Kanye West gives a verse so sloppily delivered tHat it actually becomes painful for me to listen to it. THe track Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane botH feature sinister beats & aggressive verses from Q & Jadakiss wHile Kno Ya Wrong discusses people trying to leecH Q for His money after commercial success over a beat from THe AlcHemist tHat starts off jazzy but tHen it transitions to a cloud rap like beat witH a wild electric guitar solo during tHe last minute of tHe song. On tHe track Ride Out, He & Vince Staples talk about growing up in tHe gHetto over a beat that’s like trap mixed with G-funk. Normally, I’m not a fan of trap music but I like how tHe beat mixes tHese 2 styles of Hip Hop really well. The vivid By Any Means sees Q talking about “getting yours” over a beat that reminds me of Fallout 4 for some reason. THe track Drug Dealer sees Him & E-40 getting nostalgic about tHeir drug dealing pasts over a nicely incorporated sample of Playa Haterz by tHe 3 6 Mafia wHile JoHn Muir talks about His start as a Crip wHile attendeding tHe titular middle scHool & tHere’s a beautiful sax performance during tHe Hook & looped Horn throughout the whole song tHat fits tHe aggressive vibe. I know a lot of people rHyme about drugs but Q always delivers tHose type of tracks in a rough but serious tone. Big Body features Him along witH THa Dogg Pound getting a bit braggadocious over a really quirky beat from Tyler, THe Creator. THe track Neva CHange deeply uses His criminal past as base about How “some tHings will never cHange” & tHe beat on Here is pretty cHill. Str8 Ballin’ is a tHunderous rags to ricHes story wHile Black THougHts is a sincere & Heartfelt message to tHe Bloods & Crips saying tHat the violence between tHem should cease. THe Hook could be delivered a little bit better but it’s still a great track. THe title track features Q talking about His life witH a flawless verse from Anderson .Paak & tHe guitar/keys performances add more emotion to tHe song. Overtime is a decent sex track, but it seems out of place in tHe tracklisting to me because it leads rigHt into tHe aggressive closer “Tookie, Pt. II”.

I honestly tHink Q outdid Himself on Here overall. I like tHe dark production, I like tHe pen-game progression & most of all, I like tHe consistency.

Score: 4/5

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