Slayer – “Reign in Blood” review

After releasing 2 solid full-length albums under Metal Blade Records, California thrash metal band Slayer team up with Def Jam Recordings & one of it’s co-founders Rick Rubin to give us not only Slayer’s best work but also what could possibly be the greatest thrash metal album of all-time. Unlike the band’s previous albums this one features much more explosive drumming & hellish guitar riffs (both of which are played very quickly & intensely but nowhere near the point where it feels like they’re rushing the whole album) as well as gruesome vocals. And rather than having predominately Satanic themes, Slayer decided to ditch those themes & write songs about things such as Nazi physician Josef Mengele on Angel of Death or criticizing Catholicism on Jesus Saves. At the time, a lot of people accused Slayer of condoning Nazism as well as Satanism but I think Slayer just write stuff like that because it amuses them. Not only that but after this album’s release, there would be bands like Gorgoroth with actual Satanist views arriving in the metal scene for years to come. Anyway if you’re looking to get into thrash metal, I HIGHLY recommend this being your gate opener because this is how it really should be played

Score: 5/5

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