Swizz Beatz – “1 Man Band Man” review

With famed Virginia producers Pharrell of The Neptunes dropping an underrated classic solo debut a little over a year prior & Timbaland dropping a slightly above average sophomore album but his 1st album to actually feature him rapping on it 6 months prior, Ruff Ryders Entertainment’s main producer/Full Surface Records founder Swizz Beatz decided to take a whack at it. This isn’t the first time Swizz has dropped an album under his own name though, he dropped a compilation album back in 2002 called G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories that had other artists performing over his beats kinda like The Neptunes’ only album Clones as well as Timbaland’s debut Tim’s Bio: Life from da Bassment but like what I said about Timbaland’s sophomore album Shock Value, this right here is Swizz’s first album where he actually raps on it throughout. It might sound trendy to some but with all the bangers he’s produced over the years like the classic N.O.R.E. posse cut Banned from TV or DMX’s Party Up (Up in Here), one might think it’ll be pretty cool at the same time. Once I actually sat through it, it’s evident on here that Swizz just can’t pull off an entire album with him rapping on every track by himself. His lyrics are mostly vapid & his delivery gets boring after a while. The production definitely makes up for it like the energetic It’s Me Bitches, the triumphant Top Down & the ambitious Part of the Plan. If there were some more guest verses on here, this would’ve been much more tolerable on the rhyming side of things. Like I can totally imagine hearing DMX going in over the Nottz produced Big Munny rather than having just Swizz solely rambling over it for 2 & a half minutes because I feel like the production on that track sonically leans towards DMX’s style a lot more. Hopefully the follow-up Haute Living (if he ever releases it at this point) will take a page out of The Chronic 2001’s book & twist it up but if it’s gonna be similar like this, I honestly don’t know if it’ll be any better or worse

Score: 2/5

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