Tech N9ne – “Everready: The Religion” review

After a 4 year hiatus, Kansas City MC Tech N9ne is making a comeback with his 5th full-length album. The 1st song “Riot Maker” with Skatterman & Snug Brim has a rap metal beat throughout & as the title suggests, the lyrics are about fucking shit up. The song “Bout ‘ta Bubble” talks about making it big & the production from 7 has a semi-old school vibe to it. The song “It’s What You Thinkin'” has a catchy beat, but the concept about Tech stealing your chick is meh. The song “Night & Day” talks about partying 24/7, but the beat isn’t that energetic to me. The song “Caribou Lou” is a dedication to the alcoholic beverage that Tech came up with & the beat is much more lively on here than it was on the previously mentioned track. The song “My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl” sees Tech in a game show having to choose between his wife or one of the 2 side chicks that’re also present & Rick Rock’s production on here is so hard hitting. The song “Come Gangsta” is a response to all the criticism he has received over his image as well as the rumor of him being a Satanist & the keys throughout are pretty cool. The song “R.O.O.T. (Running Out Of Time)” has an uplifting beat & lyrically, I don’t think I need to say any more about it. The song “The Rain” talks about how much he misses his family while he’s on tour & the features from his 2 daughters Aliya & Reign were actually creative to me. The standard edition closer “This is Me” talks about he don’t give a fuck what others think of him, but the beat’s a bit generic to me. As for the bonus disc, I’m not gonna get too deep into them because while it is a good way to showcase the artists signed to Tech’s label Strange Music, I also think releasing most of these tracks as a bonus disc was unnecessary. As a comeback album, it’s not a classic like his last 2 albums are but it is enjoyable for the most part. Production could’ve been better on a couple tracks, but Tech still has it in him

Score: 4/5

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