Tech N9ne – “Killer” review

Almost a year after dropping his 1st Collabos album Misery Loves Kompany, Kansas City MC Tech N9ne is back with his 7th full-length album but his 1st non-Collabos album since his comeback album Everready (The Religion) just 2 years before. This is Tech’s 1st actual double disc album & for those who don’t know, the artwork as well as the title are a hilarious nod to the classic Michael Jackson album Thriller. The song “Wheaties” talks about sex & while it sounds cliché, the guest verse from Shawnna kinda actually makes it interesting. The song “Crybaby” is a jab at all the people complaining about the current state of hip hop & while I appreciate Tech tackling this topic as well as the production from 7, the hook kinda gets annoying to me after a while. The song “Blackboy” with Brother J & Ice Cube has a thunderous beat & as one may expect, every MC does their thing on this joint. The song “Pillow Talkin'” with Scarface has an infectious beat & lyrically, it’s pretty self explanatory. The next song “Paint a Dark Picture” with Kottonmouth Kings member The Dirtball talks about making dark music & the menacing production fits the vibe pretty well. The song “Hope for a Higher Power” has a somber beat & the way Tech talks about religion on here is pretty personal. The song “Psycho Bitch II” with Liquid Assassin of Grave Plott is a sequel to the classic song “Psycho Bitch” off of Tech’s 3rd album Anghellic & while I prefer the original, the beat is on some Halloween shit & Tech’s chopper delivery on here is just deadly. The song “Poisonous” has these nice acoustic guitar passages, but the talk of drugs & sex throughout doesn’t really interest me. The 2nd disc starts off with the hilariously titled “I Love You But Fuck You” & while the beat is catchy & I enjoy how Tech talks about this chick he chilled with as well his marriage in the opening & closing verse, I don’t think the middle verse about an encounter Tech had with a father trying to pimp her daughter to him. The song “Why You Ain’t Call Me?” talks about people who’re sleeping on his music & the production kinda has a kickback feeling to it. The next song “7 Words” with Skatterman of Skatterman & Snug Brim talks about sex & while the production is smooth, I personally think the previously mentioned “Wheaties”. The song “I’m Everything” with (həd) p.e. & the Kottonmouth Kings isn’t bad, but I guess the rap metal sound throughout was too predictable for me. The production on the next song “Happy Ending” is somberly symphonic & lyrically, Tech’s wondering if he’ll be truly happy in the end. The song “Can’t Shake It” has an average beat & while the first verse is great, the last one’s on some real shit. The closing track “Last Words” has a solid beat & fittingly, Tech is telling the listener that he has nothing left to say to us. For a double disc album, I really feel like Tech delivered one his best albums. The production’s mostly on point & while both discs are stand out on their own, I enjoy the first one a lot more

Score: 4/5

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