Tech N9ne – “Misery Loves Kompany” review

For his 6th full-length album, Tech N9ne is making it the 1st installment of a brand new album series where there’ll be features on almost every single track. The opening song “Midwest Choppers” with Krizz Kaliko & Da Hooligans sees the 4 MCs showcasing their Chopper styles over a solid beat from 7 & while I think everyone did their thing on here, the first 2 verses that Tech N9ne kicks the song off with EASILY have the most energy & insanity. The song “Sex Out South” with Krizz & Kutt Calhoun pretty much says it all & while I don’t mind hearing sex songs, this one’s so painfully underwhelming from front to back that it’s not even funny. The production’s solid though, so that’s a plus. The song “Big Scoob” is mostly performed by Tech’s longtime friend with the same name & while I enjoy his verses that start AND end the track as well as the verse from Tech in the middle, I find the hook from Krizz to be pretty corny. The song “Girl Crazy “Crazy Love”” is the first of 3 songs on the entire album where Tech is the sole performer & throughout this song, Tech is dedicating it to every single girl he’s ever hooked up with over a dreamy beat. The song “Message to the Black Man” sees Tech talking to the black community & the way he does it is so sincere. I also enjoy the thunderous drums throughout as well. While I enjoy him talking about what he’s done at 85th street all the way down to 5th street on the closing track “The P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)”, the beat sounds like they recorded a loading computer & lowered the pitch for the main loop. As the opening installment of the Collabos series, this was just slightly above average. Both the production as well as Tech’s verses are there, but the features were either hit or miss with me

Score: 3/5

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