Tech N9ne – “Sickology 101: The Study of Being Sick” review

Almost 10 months after releasing one of his best albums with the double-disced Killer, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is now delivering his 8th full-length album & it happens to be the 2nd installment of his Collabos series. The album kicks off with the title track, where he along with the criminally underrated Chino XL as well as Crooked I teach the listener how to rap & the beat is on some club shit. The next song “Midwest Choppers 2” with Krayzie Bone & K-Dean is a sequel to the track “Midwest Choppers” off the 1st Collabos album Misery Loves Kompany & while I prefer the predecessor, there’s no denying the deadly deliveries & haunting beat on this joint. The song “Blown Away” sees Tech talking about his infamous live shows & while his flow is on point & the beat is solid, the execution of the hook could’ve been MUCH better. The song “Party & Bullshit” with Big Ben & Shadow is pretty self explanatory & while I can appreciate a good party track, this comes off as boring to me. The song “Sorry N Shit” by the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians is a sarcastic apology to all the haters out there over a haunting beat. The song “Red Nose” is pretty much Tech calling himself the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer of hip hop over a menacing beat. The closing track “Areola” by the 816 Boyz is a dedication to breasts if you couldn’t tell by the title & I’m not even gonna lie, this song makes me wanna turn up. Although this is slightly superior to the the 1st Collabos album, a few of the features didn’t really interest me & I feel like the production could’ve been a bit better

Score: 3/5

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