U-God – “Golden Arms Redemption” review

Out of all 10 members of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan, U-God has always been arguably the most underappreciated. However, he does have potential & I think he really shows it well with his first full-length solo album over here. The album kicks off with Golden Arms decently interpolating I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor over a crowd of people talking. Tracks like Turbulence, Dat’s Gangsta, Rumble, Pleasure or Pain, Turbo Charge & Lay Down feature really menacing beats & deliveries while Bizarre features Uey with a laid back flow over or a sample of Far Cry by Marvin Gaye. And every time I hear the closing track Night the City Cried, I can’t help but imagine the opening of a mafia movie. I will admit though, U-God isn’t one of the most lyrically skilled swordsmen but he certainly does bring to the table. Like to go back to the RZA-laced Turbo Charge, which features some of the best rhyme schemes on the whole album. One complaint I have about this album is some of Uey’s singing in this album. Like on the tracks Hungry (where the beat is kinda boring but the singing vocals on here especially are badly delivered) or Soul Dazzle (which features a nice beat reminiscent of a 70’s blaxploitation film & nice rhymes but the singing verse taking place after the rap verse was didn’t really fit in for me). Another complaint I have is that like a couple other Wu solo albums that came out during the late 90’s, I wish some of Uey’s fellow Wu members had more input on here. I wouldn’t want too much input from them, though. Kinda like how GZA had the entire Clan on his 2nd solo album Liquid Swords (which we all know is a masterpiece), but he only rapped by himself on 6 tracks. Other than those small complaints, this is U-God’s best work & a Wu banger that truly doesn’t get a lot of recognition

Score: 4/5

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