Yelawolf – “Trunk Muzik Returns” review


With the release of his 3rd EP Psycho White just 4 months prior, Alabama rapper & Shady Records signee Yelawolf is now giving us his 6th mixtape. Not only is it entirely produced by WLPWR, but it’s also a sequel to his 2010 breakout tape Trunk Muzik.

This sequel opens with “Firestarter”, where he talks about how he’s a problem in the rap game over a somber beat while the next song “Way Out” sees Yela going on his countryside shit over some glossy keyboards. The track “F.A.S.T. (Funky Ass Shit To) Ride” is a charismatic humble brag over some prominent bass & ominous synthesizers while the song “Box Chevy 4” is about doing drugs & then having sex with a woman in his 1979 Chevrolet over a decent electronic instrumental. The track “Hustle” with Paul Wall brags about their work ethics over a spacey keyboard lead & the song “Catfish Billy” is the story about Yela’s alter ego with the same name over a nice rap rock beat.

The track “Gangsta” with A$AP Rocky & Big Henry sees the 3 getting confrontational over a decent trap beat while the song “Rhyme Room” with Raekwon & Killer Mike pretty much speaks for itself over an atmospheric beat. The penultimate track “Fame” sees Yelawolf looking back at his career up until this point over an intergalactic sounding beat & the closer “Tennessee Love” is a passionately sung ode to his now ex-fiancé Fefe Dobson over some gloomy keys.

While many sequel projects fail to live up to the original, I enjoyed this almost as much as the first Trunk Muzik. Yelawolf manages to make a comeback to his hardcore hip hop roots after the commercial & focus grouped Radioactive: Amazing & Mystifying Chemical Tricks & the WLPWR production suits him as well as it did in the past.

Score: 4/5

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