Yelawolf – “Trunk Muzik” review


Yelawolf is a 30 year old Alabama rapper from Gadsden, Alabama & this is his breakout mixtape. The tape begins with the title track, where he talks about how hard his music goes over a laidback instrumental from WLPWR. The next song “Street Lights 2” is a sequel to the song from Yela’s Arena Rap EP with an atmospheric boom bap beat & the track “Good to Go” with Bun B is a club banger with an perfectly suiting beat. The song “Pop the Trunk” talks about a couple situations that end with gunfire over some keyboards & rattling hi-hats while the track “Box Chevy 3” is his 3rd dedication to Chevrolets over a gloomy with a solid Rittz verse.

The song “Fuck U” pretty much speaks for itself over some sinister horns while the track “Lick the Cat” with Diamond talks about eating pussy over a prominent vocal sample. The song “Speak Her Sex” continues the sexual themes of the last track albeit in way less raunchy tone over some Atari-esque synthesizers while the track “I Wish” with Raekwon sees the 2 clapping at their haters over a gritty rap rock instrumental. The song “In This Club” if you couldn’t tell is another club banger & it’s just as fun as “Good to Go”.

The track “Love Isn’t Enough” vents about a breakup over a sample of “Hollywood” by Rick James & then the tape closes with a sequel to Juelz Santana’s “Mixin’ Up the Medicine”. The acoustic instrumental from Kane Beatz is the same as the original & the song still talks about drugs, but the lyrics are completely different & we’re actually getting a verse from Yelawolf unlike the first one.

As a whole, this is hands down Yelawolf’s best work. His lyricism is grittier as is the production, but they both sound a lot more refined than his 2005 debut Creekwater & even his last 3 mixtapes.

Score: 4/5

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