Anthrax – “For All Kings” review

5 years have passed since Anthrax returned to form with their 10th album Worship Music but now since 2 of the other Big 4 thrash metal bands Slayer & Megadeth have recently released albums with Repentless & Dystopia respectively, Anthrax have decided to be the next ones to step up to the plate. The album starts off with the 6 minute “You Gotta Believe” & everything about it is on point. The riff is absolutely killer as is the the drumming & Joey Belladonna sounds ambitiously convincing throughout. The album’s 2nd single “Breathing Lightning” is said to be about legendary horror author Stephen King but this whole song sounds surprisingly uplifting & epic throughout in every aspect but it’s so awesome. The album’s 1st single “Evil Twin” is a message from the band to the perpetrators of the Île-de-France attacks that occurred about 14 months before the album’s release & Joey sounds dead ass serious in his vocal delivery. The 8 minute “Blood Eagle Wings” is probably my favorite Anthrax song in recent years because this whole song is so incredibly dark in every aspect. The album closes out with “0 Tolerance” where Joey is passionately talking about how the band won’t tolerate any of the fucked up bullshit in this world & the riot starting instrumental performances throughout go PERFECTLY with this message. Still not sure if this is better than Anthrax’s last album, but I can say that the band was able to come through with another great album. Unlike Repentless AND Dystopia, this is surprisingly more consistent & hard hitting than both of those albums combined. However, things may change when Metallica drops their 10th album Hardwired…to Self Destruct late next month but let’s just wait & see

Score: 3.5/5

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