Anthrax – “Worship Music” review

8 years have passed since iconic thrash metal band Anthrax released their 9th album We’ve Come for You All but now, they are making a comeback & it is their first album since 1990’s Persistence of Time to feature Joey Belladonna on vocals. As a result, the band gives us their best album in a little over 20 years. The riffs & drumming are the band’s most visceral in a VERY long time, the songwriting is on point & Joey’s vocals are still as powerful as before & he sounds happy to be right back at home. Especially with tracks such as the conscious “Earth on Hell”, the vividly written/intensely executed zombie apocalypse tale told on the album’s lead single “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t”, the Ronnie James Dio/Dimebag Darrell tribute “In the End”, “Judas Priest” which happens to be a tribute to the renown heavy metal band with the same & the revolutionary closer “Revolution Screams”. If anyone wants to see Anthrax completely return to form, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this album at all

Score: 4/5

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