Banks & Steelz – “Anything But Words” review

Banks & Steelz is the new side project between Interpol frontman Paul Banks & Wu-Tang Clan de facto leader RZA. Despite the team-up 1st being announced 5 years ago, it hasn’t been until now that they’re finally releasing a full-length project together. The album kicks off with it’s 2nd single “Giant” which has a nice rock-inspired beat as well as some awesome abrasively delivered verses from The Abbot & a catchy hook from Paul. The album’s 4th single “Sword in the Stone” sees RZA getting braggadocious & while it may sound cliché, the verse Kool Keith brings to the table is pretty fresh. However, Paul’s hook on here could’ve been executed a lot better in my opinion. The album’s lead single “Love + War” describes a relationship with this girl over a triumphant sounding beat & there’s a hard yet vividly painted verse from fellow Wu member Ghostface Killah that fits really well with the track’s entire vibe. While the track “Gonna Make It” does have a great message as well as some passionately delivered singing & verses, the production is just ok even though the JFK sample in the beginning was actually pretty cool. The album closes out with the introspective “Point of View” & while RZA only sings the hook on here as Paul sings the pre-hook, it does have some tight production as well as 2 verses from Method Man & Masta Killa that I find to be pretty dope. Is the chemistry between Paul & RZA as perfect as Method Man & Redman’s or even CZARFACE’s? No. However, I still find this to be an interesting collaboration project for those who are huge fans of either the Wu or Interpol (or both) as well as the open minded

Score: 3.5/5

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