Blu – “Gods in the Spirit” review

Renown underground MC Blu & underrated Norfolk producer Nottz come together for a collaborative EP. Sounds like an instant classic, right? Well, not really. Blu’s style never disappoints as usual & I like the gladiatior-atmosphere in Nottz’ production, but there are so many guest verses just thrown on top of almost every single track that it ruins the potential this EP could have. The only cohesive guest verses on here was Nitty Scott’s on the opener Boyz II Men as well as Johaz’ & Homeboy Sandman’s on Crooks in Castles, but I was not expecting Blu or Nottz to put so much filler on here at all (considering how very talented both of them are). Luckily, their new follow-up EP Titans in the Flesh turned out to be a lot more consistent

Score: 3/5

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