CZARFACE – “Every Hero Needs a Villain” review

2 years have passed since CZARFACE (an underground hip hop trio composed of Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck and Army of the Pharaohs/Demigodz subgroup 7L & Esoteric) gave us their classic self-titled debut but now they are back in full effect for a follow up & it doesn’t disappoint at all. Unlike last time where 7L produced the entire album with the exceptions of Spada4 co-producing 6 tracks & the iconic DJ Premier solely producing 1 track, 7 & Spada solely produce this follow up by themselves & many of the tracks notably have a rap rock sound to them (the opening track “Czartacus”, “Lumberjack Match”, “The Great (Czar Guitar), Sgt. Slaugther & the perfectly titled “Sinister”) while some tracks maintain the old school boom bap vibe to them (the Large Professor featured “World Premier”, the GZA featured “When Gods Go Mad” or the perfectly MF DOOM featured “Ka-Bang!”). However, the chemistry from Deck & Esoteric is just as strong as before. Especially on the long but epic “Escape from Czarkham Asylum” or to go back to the opening track “Czartacus”. While I still prefer their self-titled debut more, I won’t deny that the trio were able to come through with another comic book inspired classic

Score: 4.5/5

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