Delusional Thomas – Self-titled review

Delusional Thomas is the alter ego of Pittsburgh rapper/producer Mac Miller & this is his 1st project under the alter ego. Now I’m not really a fan of Mac’s earlier material, but I was EXTREMELY impressed with the album he dropped a little over 4 months prior to this tape called Watching Movies with the Sound Off because he literally stepped his entire game up on there. Going into this, I was hoping for something just as good as his previous effort. Instead, all I got was a short Quasimoto knock-off with a horrorcore twist. I like the dark atmosphere throughout, but Mac high-pitching his voice throughout every single track isn’t doing it for me. Plus, some of the rhymes on here are things I can imagine Tyler The Creator saying on his first 2 albums Bastard & Goblin (especially on the opening track Larry). I will give it to the Earl Sweatshirt featured Bill as well as the internal conflictive closer Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask, but I just didn’t care for this tape as a whole

Score: 2/5

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