Dr. Dre – “Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre” review

Let me start this review off by saying Dr. Dre always has been & always will be my all-time favorite producer. With that being said, this album is on the line between solid & decent. The beats were dope for the most part & the rhymes were nice, but I just expected a lot more from it. I was REALLY disappointed that Justus (a rapper Dre signed earlier this year) only sung hooks throughout the album instead of kicking verses while King Mez & Anderson .Paak were alright even though they had their own moments. Out of all the guest verses, Kendrick’s are by far the best. On Genocide, his visualization of his life before fame is so well written that you can only imagine it. And on Gone (the hidden track after Darkside), he talks about how his attitude piped down because he’s living better now & his flow on here is UNTOUCHABLE! On 1 Shot, 1 Kill, Dre’s passionate protégé Jon Connor FINALLY gets his own chance to shine. On Medicine Man, Dre & Em evaluate hip hop from when they first started to where they are today. On Animals (which is co-produced with none other than DJ Premier), Dre & .Paak discuss how African-Americans feel when they’re being negatively portrayed by the media. Premo’s cuts at the end of the track make the beat sound like a beat that never made it on Gang Starr’s 5th album Moment of Truth. And on Talking to My Diary, Dre reminisces about almost everything throughout his 32 year career. I heard a bit of Auto-Tune in Dre’s voice on Medicine Man & I can say I wasn’t expecting to hear that AT ALL. Overall this isn’t bad, but it’s NOWHERE near the caliber of The Chronic or even The Chronic 2001

Score: 3/5

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