Earl Sweatshirt – “EARL” review

Earl Sweatshirt is a Chicago born/Los Angeles raised MC/producer known for being a member of the Odd Future collective & this is his only mixtape to date. I first caught wind of him on OF de facto leader Tyler, The Creator’s only mixtape to date Bastard with the stellar duet “AssMilk” under the name EarlWolf & I was pretty impressed with his tongue twisting lyrics on that track. Here, Tyler returns the favor by producing the entire tape with the exception of “epaR” being produced by fellow Odd Future member Left Brain & some guy by the name of Beatboy producing the closer “Stapleton”. The tape starts off with “ThisNiggaUgly” where Tyler soley spits a short introduction to his “little brother” Earl. The next track is the self-titled track & it’s Earl talking about shit like “poking Catholics in the ass with saws” over a haunting beat. The track “Couch” is a story about EarlWolf talking about raping & murdering a girl over a Neptunes-inspired beat. The track “Luper” is about a serial killer & Tyler’s chords on this track go nice with the story Earl’s spitting. The track “Moonlight” sees him & fellow OF member Hodgy Beats both contemplating suicide & the fact that their voices are slowed down to go with the slow yet sinister beat is flawless. Overall, Earl showcases himself as one of the best members of the entire Odd Future collective. His wordplay, his technicality, his delivery & flow are all on point & his dark, depressive & shock value lyrics are enhanced by Tyler’s ominous atmospheric production. Unfortunately, Earl would be sent away to a Samoa boarding school for 2 years a little while after the release of this as well as OF’s 2nd & final mixtape Radical but he would eventually make a strong comeback with his 2013 full-length debut Doris

Score: 3.5/5

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