Flatbush Zombies – “3001: A Laced Odyssey” review

After 4 years & 2 mixtapes, the Flatbush ZOMBiES have finally come through with their 1st full-length album. The production is trippy & the delivery is hard as Hell. On the track R.I.P.C.D. (Rest In Peace Compact Disc), the ZOMBiES basically make an eulogy to physical copies. On A Spike Lee Joint, the opening line “unsigned & independent” makes the track basically speak for itself. The production on here is smooth (especially with the saxophone/trumpet playing halfway through it) too. On the tracks Fly Away and Ascension, group member Meechy Darko gets his own chance to shine by providing us a track about morality & a track trying to be better than God himself. On Fly Away, you can really hear the emotion in his voice & the piano on this track enhances it as well. But on Ascension, both the lyrics & the production are menacing except for the last 2 minutes when we are treated with an outro that I can just close my eyes & relax to. Another track on here that speaks for itself is Smoke Beak, where the ZOMBiES talk about their love for weed over a harp & some hard hitting drums. On New Phone, Who Dis?, the ZOMBiES discuss their newfound fame over a semi-trap beat. Other than Meechy’s voice kinda getting annoying at certain times, I don’t really have a complaint about this album

Score: 4/5

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