Ghostface Killah – “Sour Soul” review

Just 3 months after dropping his previous album 36 Seasons, the almighty Wu-Tang Clan’s most consistent member Ghostface Killah is returning with his 13th full-length album & he has enlisted BADBADNOTGOOD as well as Frank Dukes & Wayne Gordon to produce it in its entirety. The album’s first track “Mono” is the 1st of 3 instrumental tracks on here & even though it’s only a minute long, it’ll put you in a peaceful state of mind. The album’s 1st actual song is the title track, where Ghost is talking about how corrupt the world has become today & the gloomy production on here fits the vibe really well. The album’s lead single “6 Degrees” has an ominous/suspenseful beat & while I don’t like how Ghost starts off the song by reusing his verse from the song “I Go Hard” off The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, his closing verse as well as the guest verse from Danny Brown definitely makes up for it. The next song “Gunshowers” with eLZhi has these nice guitar passages throughout & I love the chemistry between the 2 MCs on here. The 2nd instrumental track “Stark’s Reality” is beautifully symphonic, but I was kinda disappointed that Ghost doesn’t rhyme on here. The song “Street Knowledge” is a message to all the new drug dealers out there & while I love the eerie production as well as the closing verse from Ghostface, the opening verse from Tree was just decent to me. The album’s final single “Ray Gun” is a DOOMSTARKS reunion & sonically, it really makes me bitter that the duo will more than likely never drop their long-awaited debut Swift & Changeable. The next track “Nuggets of Wisdom” talks about Ghost’s recent conversion to Islam & the production is really meditative sounding. Personally, this album gave me EXACTLY what I wanted from it. I mean I didn’t think it was gonna be 33 minutes long, but Ghost’s rhymes are as strong as ever & he actually sounds really great over the jazz/hip hop fused beats that BADBADNOTGOOD brings to the table

Score: 4/5

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