Inspectah Deck – “Cynthia’s Son” review

Almost 2 years after CZARFACE’s self-titled debut, Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck is now delivering his 2nd mixtape (but his 1st solo effort since his 3rd album Manifesto back in 2010) & he’s producing roughly half of it. The tape kicks off with “Dreamcatcher”, where Deck’s talking about a homie of his as well as a stripper over beautiful Anita Baker sample. The cleverly titled “Get on Deck” has a decent beat, but that doesn’t stop Deck’s deadly rhyme schemes at all. The song “No Luv” talks about this chick over a soulful beat from Haas G of The UMC’s & while I love the horns MoSS incorporates onto the track “Son of Odin”, that’s really the only characteristic of the beat that I can really describe. The rhymes on this song are definitely on point, though. The song “Gone” starts off with a sample from Forgetting Sarah Marshall but then we hear him dropping some dope ass smilies over a funky beat. My favorite of which is the one about him being “Dirty like the Bastard”. The track “The Regular” talks about being “heaven sent & going through Hell” & the harp loop we’re getting as he’s rhyming is just beautiful. The song “2Nite” sees Deck comparing his life to a movie over a smooth ass beat & on the Bronze Nazareth produced “The Eyes”, we get some positivity inducing-rhymes & I love the guitar passages as well as the vocal sample that Bronze uses on here. The penultimate track “Noize” is short, but the beat sounds like something you’d hear in a blaxploitation film & Deck just sounds so energetic throughout it’s 2 minute runtime. Overall, I can honestly say that this mixtape is Inspectah Deck’s most consistent solo effort since his criminally underrated 1999 solo debut Uncontrolled Substance. It’s WAY more well produced in contrast to his last few solo projects & his pen game is just as strong as it was back in the 90’s. I don’t know if we’re still gonna get Uncontrolled Substance 2 at some point in the future but if we are, then this is a damn good prelude to it

Score: 4/5

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