Isaiah Rashad – “The Sun’s Tirade” review

After signing to Top Dawg Entertainment in Late 2013 & releasing his 1st EP cilvia demo to critical acclaim in Early January of the following year, Chattanooga based MC Isaiah Rashad is finally giving us his 1st full-length album. The album starts off with the dreamy sounding “4r Da Squaw”, where Isaiah talks about how he has been able to pay bills & he sounds exhausted but blessed at the same time in his delivery. I like the smoothness of the next track “Free Lunch” & the beat reminds me of good kid, m.A.A.d city. The track “Wat’s Wrong” sees Rashad having an internal conflict with Kendrick Lamar right by his side. Not only can you hear the stress in Rashad’s voice on here, but Kendrick’s technicality is just as strong as it was on the Black Hippy remix of THat Part which unfortunately didn’t make it onto ScHoolboy Q’s latest album Blank Face LP for God knows what reason. The track “Silkk da Shocka” actually has absolutely NOTHING to do with the No Limit rapper with the same name, however it’s a beautifully executed love song. My only issue with it is that it’s out of place on the track listing, but I’ll get to why I feel that way in just a minute. To me, “A Lot” is probably the worst track on the whole album because I find it to be a cliché trap song you’d hear on the radio from the beat & lyrical content to the delivery. I also like how he talks about addiction on “AA”, his life as a rapper on “Dressed Like Rappers” & paying tribute to his grandmother on “Brenda”. All 3 of these tracks were personal & sonically intriguing. Especially with him sounding like he’s actually under the influence of drugs or alcohol on “AA”. The closer “Find a Topic (Homies Begged)” pretty much speaks for itself because it continues EXACTLY where the outro on the previously mentioned “Silkk da Shocka” left off. Honestly if “Silkk da Shocka” was placed right before “Find a Topic (Homies Begged)” & THEN “by George (Outro)” came right after it, I’d be better. Aside from that, I don’t think it’s better than cilvia demo but it’s yet another example of why Top Dawg Entertainment is one of the hottest hip hop labels right now

Score: 3.5/5

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