Jon Bellion – “The Human Condition”

After spending the past few years co-writing hit songs for the likes of Jason Derulo & even Eminem, New York singer/songwriter Jon Bellion decides to put out his commercial debut. The album kicks off with He is the Same, where Jon goes in about how he’s still the same person even after achieving fame over a really dream-like beat. My only issue with this track is that the verses are being delivered like as if it was a trap track (the hook’s catchy as Hell though). The next track 80’s Films is basically a love track where Jon’s saying he wants everything to go just like an 80’s movie over hard hitting drums & mellow keys. The track All Time Low is a cliche breakup song & the beat on here is pretty bland if you ask me. The track New York Soul, Pt. II is a follow up to the 10th track off of his 4th mixtape The Definition & while I do like how the verses are delivered, the beat is kind of a J Dilla knock-off to me for some reason. The track Fashion has a great message about society’s “livin’ life through a phone” & such, but the overall delivery of the track is something I’d hear in Frozen. On the track Maybe IDK, we get a glimpse of Jon questioning everything in life over really symphonic instrumentation. On the track Woke the Fuck Up, Jon is realizing how much he loves this girl over acoustic pop rock instrumentation & it’s like listening to something I’d hear on the radio. The tracks Overwhelming & The Good in Me are yet more sugary love songs & the track Morning in America is basically talking about how “we’re secretly out of control”, but the beat on here reminds me of The Lion King. The track iRobot is about Jon describing how depressed he is about a breakup in a really corny way (I do like the futuristic inspired beat, though). The album closes out with Hand of God which features Jon talking about God’s plan for him over somber instrumentation & the same 30-person choir that appeared on Michael Jackson’s classic track Man in the Mirror. Although it’s a fantastic way of closing out the album, I just thought this thing was overall average. The potential is there (don’t get me wrong on that), but a lot of these tracks are sugary & predictable for my tastes

Score: 2.5/5

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