KiD CuDi – “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'” review

Just a year after embarrassingly experimenting with grunge & punk througohut his previous album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven as well as checking himself into rehab for about a month due to suicidal urges, KiD CuDi is now returning with his 5th full-length album & I’ve been actually really looking forward to it considering all the teaser tracks that’ve been released for it. The album starts off with “Frequency”, where CuDi’s encouraging the listener to widen their views & the whole song sonically brings me back to his first 2 albums. The track “Swim in the Light” touches base on his depression over an electronic beat & I think it’s a lot more tolerable that the vast majority of what you’ll hear on his last album. The track “By Design” sees CuDi getting with OutKast member André 3000 & not only do I like the chemistry the 2 display on here, but the piano chords are pretty dope too. The track “All In” sees CuDi trying to wanting to resolve a failing relationship & not only do I love his vocals on here, but I was actually surprised at how solid Mike WiLL Made-It’s production on here was. The track “Rose Golden” sees CuDi getting with Willow Smith out of all people to basically tell us to believe in yourself & those who support you over a symphonic beat. The track “Baptized in Fire” talks about the people who’re after him for his “precious energy” & I was actually really disappointed that Travi$ Scott only did the hook on here. Considering the fact that Travi$ idolizes CuDi, I really wanted to hear them contemplate each other just like they did on “through the late night” off of Travi$’ new album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. It’s certainly not a bad track at all, but I personally wanted a lot more out of it. The track “Flight at First Sight / Advanced” is a love song that starts off with CuDi singing over a spacey beat from Pharrell but then there’s a crazy beat change about a minute & a half in that makes me wanna throw a party & what I really love about the verse CuDi spits right after this beat change is how charismatic he sounds while delivering it. The track “Wounds” talks about him overcoming his depression over a trippy ass beat & I feel like this’ll make anyone who’s down on their luck feel a bit better about themselves. While I find the content on the tracks “Mature Nature” & “Kitchen” to get boring after a while, his singing & the production on both tracks are catchy as Hell. I wasn’t really feeling the vocals on the track “Cosmic Warrior” but simultaneously, I absolutely love the spacey production from CuDi’s WZRD cohort Dot da Genius on here. The next track “The Guide” is telling us about an encounter with this freak over an ominous futuristic sounding beat & as always, the guest verse from André 3000 on here steals the whole show. The album closes out with “Surfin'”, where CuDi’s talking about making his own waves of success & Pharrell’s upbeat production on here really does play a huge part in this song getting me in a good mood as well as making this my favorite song off the whole album. Honestly, this album was exactly what I expected. The production’s on point & to hear CuDi redeeming himself after dropping a lot of shitty music within the past few years just puts a smile on my face. Hopefully, CuDi keeps making music like this because I consider this is a strong return to form for him
Score: 4/5

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